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Last Thing On My Mind

It's not about the money, of course, it's about the music. And yet at the same time, the money comes into it on some level. If you want to explode the hippyshit myth about it being all about the music just walk into any music shop - believe it or not - they don't give out guitar strings for free.

As an unsigned and unheard of artist who with a little bit of a push might soon reach the stage of being 'up and coming', the vast bulk of little gigs I have been doing over the last couple of years are effectively unpaid. Either they are entirely so or they operate on the basis that I need to bring a minimum of X number of people before a cut of door money comes into it, where X is a figure between 10 and 30 people more than I am likely to manage. This is why I was genuinely surprised last night on leaving the blagclub with more cash than I'd started out with, even though I'd only managed to bring three people along. X, at the blagclub, turns out to be zero, and had I had the remotest clue they were going to do this I would have gone a bit more berzerk about getting people to come along this time.

Not that I am complaining, and my thanks to the three people who did come down. Thanks also to the nice CD-buying French bloke who had actually come to see the very excellent Judith Haustein who also played.

In other news, there are rumours of possible BBC 6 airplay on Tom Robinson's Introducing show which I can neither confirm nor deny at this juncture. However, I have been asked to send an mp3 of a tune, which has been sent and received. More news as I get it.

Also I've been asked to play at Glastonbury this year, which is really exciting, and though I can't tell you about it yet (this is Wayne as contributing musician rather than FatC stuff) since details are still being worked out, I will do as soon as I can.

Maybe see you at Shunt on Saturday, which promises to be both mental and physical.