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Home Taping Is Killing Music

I'm not a big filesharer myself, and I had not heard of Oink until yesterday, when I learned of its shutdown over on Metafilter. Reading more about it, especially on TorrentFreak, there does appear to be something pretty strange going on with regard to the hijacking of the oink.cd domain, in addition to some pretty wide-eyed reporting from the BBC, though to be fair it seems that they have taken their information from the police on good faith and regurgitated the IFPI press release, rather than made the remotest attempt to actually investigate themselves, so Well Done BBC on that one.

Meanwhile, the Oink admin has been released from custody remarkably quickly for someone who only yesterday was alleged to have masterminded a massively lucrative pirating scam. Perhaps that's because those allegations are quite possibly a load of old trumped-up crap and this has really all been about a music industry that is still in total denial about the new reality and is trying to use its remaining muscle to scare people away from filesharing with a dirty tricks campaign. Getting the police of two countries involved is particularly nasty but then what would you do if you saw your multimillion dollar business going down the pan because of changes in technology entirely beyond your control? It's obvious - you act to repeatedly piss off and anger your remaining customers, preferably on an individual basis, and make them vow to never buy from you again.

Perversely of course, this is actually very good news for those of us musicians who choose to remain outside the dying mainstream industry system. It is heartwarming to read more and more people posting things like 'I will never buy another thing from the major labels. From now on I will only buy from genuinely independent musicians. At least that way you know the money goes to the artist not the middle-men', a sentiment I have seen repeated over and over in different forums each time something like this Oink business happens. So if you're pissed off about the Oink thing, why not consider saying a big 'fuck you' back to the BPI and buy my CD - I promise faithfully to spend the money on drink and loose women. And if my stuff isn't your bag - it might not be - then head over to CDBaby and buy something else independent where your money goes directly to support the artist and not some guy in a suit.