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A Tribute To Dinosaur Comics

The more perceptive among you may have spotted that I have been doing some wild experimentation with the cartoon since the beginning of this year, some of which has been successful and some of which has not.

This has included a series of tribute comics in the style of some of the other webcomics that have inspired me and continue so to do, including today's comic which was obviously inspired by Ryan North's excellent Dinosaur Comics at qwantz.com. Today's effort was also inspired by U2 manager Paul McGuinness, who is so disconnected from reality that he genuinely believes that it will be possible to change the law in order to maintain the business model that he used to use a couple of decades ago. When someone is that wrong there is no point trying to argue with them and it is not always easy to resist the temptation to just point and laugh. I did a bad job of resisting that temptation today.

Previous tribute comics of mine have included Tile, xkcd and Silence In The Darkness on Q16, all of which are relatively easy to draw (and as with today, just click through the tribute comic to visit the real thing). It has been hard to lose the idea that I spent the first two years of this comic doing it wrong, and I am hoping to do it better from now on, though whether or not this will include Duck and Bear remains to be seen.

In other news the gig at the Dublin Castle the other week really did go well, and I am really excited about the upcoming full band outing to the 333 on Friday night. We'll be on at 8pm sharp and you can get a pound off on the door if you bring a flyer. Please come if you can, it will be good.

Finally, in other other news, I have finally got my busking licence through and have been hanging round the London Underground singing at people until they give me money. They're running a Busker's Beauty Contest at the moment with a prize made of money and I'd be super grateful if you went and gave me a vote over on Buskear.com, which you can do daily for the next week or so. Otherwise I predict more comics like this.

Either way, I hope to see you on Friday if you are around the Old Street area and are free.