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Wayne Has No Friends

I have been playing with free listings site eventful.com and have attempted to set up a page there. Theoretically it should be great - as a musician you can list events, get people to request you to come and play in places and so build up a potentially international fan base, have all kinds of automatic syndication of your events listings to other listings sites, and as a music fan you can request people you want to play near you to do so, and you can keep track of your own personal calendar of Gigs You Want To See.

Apparently it's all events too, not just gigs, though that's just hearsay.

Maybe I'm just really tired right now and a lot more stupid than I used to be, but I'm having basic difficulties using the site. I've added a 'request me' thing to the myspace page but it is not merely hideous but is also convinced that I live in Leatherhead. I have checked and this is still Dollis Hill. Definitely. I tried to add a similiar thing here but it simply didn't work and after I couldn't make it work for an hour or so I gave up.

Perhaps I should try again tomorrow. Anyway, if you do sign up there, or make any of it work, please to let me know, especially as my user page currently says Wayne has no friends... :(